What kind of shows do you make?

The producers at WETC work on documentary style programs with the purpose of educating the residents of Weymouth about their town, its people, its condition, and current activities. In doing so, WETC works in partnership with town agencies to ensure that our programming is positive and enjoyable to all residents.

Can you tape my event?

The goal of WETC is to create educational programming for the whole town. While there are many events that people would like to personally see on television, we have a limited staff dedicated to making educational programs, and we cannot handle the demand for event coverage while working on our assigned programs. As such, WETC maintains a strict, professional standard on programming to ensure that our shows are of the highest quality, and thus we cannot tape many desired events. Although WETC may not cover your event, we welcome any resident willing to become involved to take classes at Weymouth Community Access where, after a few instructional courses, you may borrow a camera and air any event that you wish to tape.

Can I order a DVD of a show or meeting?

Of course! Simply click here and navigate through our categories to find the program you are looking to purchase. If you don’t see the program you’re looking for listed on our site, contact us to see if we have it on file.