Who runs WCA?

A board of directors composed of volunteers from various segments of the community sets WCA policies and procedures. A professional staff manages the day-to-day operations and provides training classes for any resident who is interested in becoming a member of our studio. The programs on our channel are provided by volunteer residents who have taken our training classes and have produced, recorded and edited their own programs to air on our channel.

There is an event I need covered. Could you send someone out to record it?

WCA exists to help the citizens of Weymouth learn how to produce their own television programs, like taping events around the community, so that they may showcase them on channel 9. That means any resident, regardless of experience, may become a member and learn how to use a camera, edit or produce a studio program. That is why WCA is television by and for Weymouth. It’s TV that you do!

So, what do access centers do? Do they produce TV shows for all the users?

No. This is perhaps the most misunderstood role of PEG access operations. The centers are TV studios, but unlike broadcast stations, they are not usually staffed with TV producers, camera operators, and technicians. An access center is a place that teaches individuals and organizations how to use TV production equipment, how to make their own shows, and then provide them with use of the equipment and channel to produce and air their shows.

Isn’t it hard to produce a TV show?

TV production is not as complicated as you might think. The skills necessary to produce simple but effective TV shows are well within the grasp of most people in the community. Access centers across the state have people from all ages, educational and career backgrounds doing hands-on TV production.

How can I turn an idea into a program?

First become a WCA member by taking our three classes. Once you become a member, you will be able to reserve studio time, take out field equipment and reserve editing time. Once your show is completed, you will be given a time slot for your program to be shown so you can tell your family and friends to tune in!

How can I get a copy of a show?

Of course! Simply click here and navigate through our categories to find the program you are looking to purchase. If you don’t see the program you’re looking for listed on our site, contact us to see if we have it on file.

Do I have to take the training classes to check out equipment and reserve studio time?

Yes. Once you have taken the studio, field and editing classes we offer then you will be allowed to reserve studio time, reserve field equipment and air your show you produce here on our channel.