Becoming a member of Weymouth Community Access is easy!  To become a member you must be a Weymouth resident, employee of the Town of Weymouth or a person who is a member of a Weymouth based non profit organization.  In order to become a member, you’ll need to take our three classes.  These training sessions average around an hour and a half in length and teach the fundamentals needed to create high-quality programming.  Advanced editing and graphics workshops are also available to members if desired to to take your show to the next level.  WCA-9′s classes are scheduled on an “as needed” basis so contact us to today to start your training!

Class 1 – Field Camera

In this class, you’ll be introduced to all of our equipment available for check out including our cameras, tripods and lighting kits.  You’ll also learn basic shooting techniques and the ins and outs of audio needed to get you started on your own show.

Class 2 – Studio Production

In our second class, we will cover all of the equipment used in our studio and control room including the sound board, switcher, character generator, and studio cameras

Class 3 – Non-Linear Editing

In our last class, you’ll learn the basics needed to edit your show using the program Final Cut Pro. It’s the perfect way to put the final touches on your show! For information about becoming a member of WCA please contact us via email or call 781-331-8327.

Membership Application Form